Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

The cosmetics/personal care industry develops and manufactures products such as cosmetics, soaps, detergents, and more, which are used for personal hygiene and beautification.  The global beauty market is usually divided into the following main business segments: baby and child care, bath and shower, color cosmetics, deodorants, depilatories, fragrances, hair care, men’s grooming, oral care, toiletries, skin care, and sun care.  These segments are complementary and through their diversity are collectively able to satisfy all consumers’ needs and expectations.

Personal care formulators/chemists work to understand the chemical and physical processes that describe how raw ingredients work, how they affect each other, and how they affect the manufacturing process. They design and manufacture new ingredients or combine and modify existing ingredients in new ways to create new products. Therefore, they need to make sure that desirable properties are maintained when ingredients are changed; they are continually trying to develop better and more cost-effective products.  In product development, cosmetic and personal care formulators need innovative solutions to successfully develop and introduce new products that will deliver tangible benefits to their customers.  FDS/SITA’s experts are continually seeking new methods to help our customers and new formulators for their following purposes:

– Manage the product development process, from small scale laboratory to pilot plant to commercialization scale

– Monitor potential product formulations for stability over time and under varying levels of light and heat

– Selecting and testing new pigments, herbal and botanical ingredients, while reducing and eliminating e.g., synthetic ingredients and allergens

-Testing potential products for resistance to bacterial growth, settling, separation, agglomeration, coalescence

– Bring products to market faster and with more appeal

Our precision devices which can help you: Foam Tester, Contact angle meters, Pendant drop tensiometer, Bubble tensiometers, SITA T100, T15+, Dynotester, and Pre-owned OCAs, DCATs, etc.

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