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Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

The cosmetics/personal care industry develops and manufactures products such as cosmetics, soaps, detergents, and more, which are used for personal hygiene and beautification.  The global beauty market is usually divided into the following main business segments: baby and child care, bath and shower, color cosmetics, deodorants, depilatories, fragrances, hair care, men’s grooming, oral care, toiletries, skin care, […]

SITA Dynotester Tensiometer

Dynotester/Dynotester Plus Portable Bubble Pressure Tensiometer   APPLICATION SCOPES: The DynoTester couples accuracy and speed for dynamic surface tension measurements at many different bubble lifetimes. It can be operated handheld or as a tabletop instrument for your convenience. Software is additionally available for auto-data collection.  Dynamic surface tension measurement is available for any liquid used in all […]

SITA t15 Plus Tensiometer

 Try the on-line demo of SITA T15+ . APPLICATION SCOPES: New portable tensiometer for QC/In-line continuous monitoring, as well as dynamic surface tension auto-scan from low to high bubble lifetime.   Dynamic surface tension measurement for any liquid used in all fields such as electroplating, environmental, biological, personal care, household cleaning, semi-conductor etching/photoresist liquids and etc. It […]

Interfacial Phenomena

Interfacial phenomena are significant factors that affect the adsorption of active ingredients such as: drugs onto solid adjuncts in dosage forms, penetration of molecules through all kinds of membranes, emulsion formation and stability, and the dispersion of insoluble particles in liquid media to form suspensions. Interfacial phenomena are also important in the characterization of materials […]