Contact Angle Measurement

Desktop Contact Angle Meters for QC and R&D: DropMeterā„¢ A-Series (A60, A100, A300, etc.) with Robotic, Topview, Portable and Ring/Plate Methods

  • Equipped with a USB 2.0 and 3.0 digital camera, a high-precision industrial lens and an LED illuminator as well as four linear measuring device, for all types of static and dynamic contact angle and interfacial tension measurements, surface free energy determination, and wetting/adhesion/absorption analysis. The micrometer-driven manual micro-syringe system allows for creating drops of specific volumes, precisely and reproducibly, and accept disposable syringe.
  • The great strength of A-series lies finally in its software: live-video computation, videorecording/editing/computation; as many as six modeling methods for computing contact angles, including the Young-Laplace model and our unique TrueDropTM method; real-time interfacial tension determination by fitting the whole profile of a drop to the YoungLaplace equation; surface free energy (SFE) calculation including our unique SFE test optimizer tool; user-friendly GUI with definable color scheme for results-value displaying, etc.
  • A-100 accepts various environmental fixtures, temperature chamber and other options.  
  • Main application fields: quality control (QC), education, R&D, etc.

Portable Contact Angle Meter, SITA SurfaSpector

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