Monthly Archives: September 26, 2022

Precision Surface Finishing

Modern advanced surface treatments are used more and more in daily manufacturing of parts for the automotive industry to serve functional and decorative purposes. Higher specific loads (thermal, mechanical, chemical, etc.), weight and friction reduction, longer components lifetime, and improved corrosion resistance are demanding for modern automotive systems. Within the last decades, high-performance surface solutions […]

In-Line CleanoSpector- SITA Clean Line CI

In-Line CleanoSpector  for Metal  Surface  Cleanliness  Checking The system solution SITA clean line CI can be customised to the inspection tasks due to its modular hardware and software concept. The software SITA ProcessControl uses real-time capable automation components for control and data processing. The system can be customised depending on the requirements using different interfaces […]

SITA Clean Line ST: An In-Line Process Tensiometer

Monitoring the Process Parameter of Surface Tension in your cleaning bath Reliable Process Tensiometer for Your Bath Control: – Continuous measurement of the surface tension of process liquids – Monitoring and controlling the surfactant/wetting agent concentration – Automatically working plant unit Advantages: – Quality assurance and documentation of the process development – automatic dosing of surface active […]

SITA ConSpector

Easy control of contamination level in your cleaning and rinsing baths OBJECTIVEEvaluation of bath conditions depending on parts flow or bath operation time. Determination of bath contamination through fluorescence measurement. SIMPLEStart of measurement at the touch of one button and display of measuring result within a few seconds. MULTIFUNCTIONALMobile and hand-held measuring device to be […]


P1-1: Metalworking fluids—Mechanisms and performance E. Brinksmeier (1): Metal-Cutting fluid vs t15 P1-2: Influence of additives to cutting fluids for wear resistance of steels P1-3: Controlled Cleaning by measuring surfactant concentration P1-4: Ink-Jet Application – Advantages Dynamic Surface Tension P1-5: Cleaning baths under control Bath Contamination P1-6: Assuring parts cleanliness, increasing economic efficiency P1-7: JOT_Process […]