SITA Clean Line ST: An In-Line Process Tensiometer

Monitoring the Process Parameter of Surface Tension in your cleaning bath

Reliable Process Tensiometer for Your Bath Control:

Continuous measurement of the surface tension of process liquids
Monitoring and controlling the surfactant/wetting agent concentration
Automatically working plant unit


Quality assurance and documentation of the process development
automatic dosing of surface active agents according to the consumption
highest product quality through controlled process management
process solution for high process reliability
less cleaning agent consumption, environmental protection, cost reduction through process optimization

The Process Tensiometer SITA clean line ST continually and automatically measures the surface tension of process fluids used in the parts cleaning industry, surface technology, semiconductor and photovoltaic industry, as well as the chemical industry.

The process parameter surface tension, and thus the concentration of surface-active agents like surfactants, wetting agents and solvents, are measured and documented inline. Connected to the plant control, the SITA clean line ST measuring system carries out an automatic dosing of active agents according to the consumption.

The Process Tensiometer SITA clean line ST works fully automated, including:
– handling of process liquid,
– self cleaning function,
– calibration of surface tension senor and
– self diagnostic including error indication and logging.

The process liquid sample is either lead back into the process again or rejected. No further equipment is necessary except of a tap water supply.

Used with an industrial PC or an SPS with touch panel, the central control unit of the SITA clean line CC allows process-specific system solutions to be realized.

SITA application engineers develop an optimal and customized SITA clean line system solution based on an analysis of your process and plant.

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