SITA ConSpector

Easy control of contamination level in your cleaning and rinsing baths

Evaluation of bath conditions depending on parts flow or bath operation time. Determination of bath contamination through fluorescence measurement.

Start of measurement at the touch of one button and display of measuring result within a few seconds.

Mobile and hand-held measuring device to be used directly at the plant or in the laboratory. Efficient bath management through an optimization of the bath operation time.


Removing contamination off cleaning and rinsing bath in the industrial part cleaning industry ensures a long bath operation time and high parts cleanliness. The SITA ConSpector can measure the bath contamination in cleaning and rinsing baths at the plant or in the laboratory. The measuring result is available within a few seconds.

Sudden process disturbances such as the breakdown of the filter unit or a high increase of the contamination level in the bath can be immediately identified and resolved at the same time. Cleaning bath treatment measures can be carried out and controlled according to the application. The cleaning process can be carried out within allowed limit values leading to a reliable cleaning result. Controlling the rinsing steps with regard to the carry-over effect of contamination or cleaning chemicals avoids a further contamination of parts.

Examples for detectable contamination:

  • Cooling lubricants
  • Rolling oil
  • Grease
  • Deep drawing oils
  • Release agents

Here you can find further application examples

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