P1-1: Metalworking fluids—Mechanisms and performance E. Brinksmeier (1): Metal-Cutting fluid vs t15

P1-2: Influence of additives to cutting fluids for wear resistance of steels

P1-3: Controlled Cleaning by measuring surfactant concentration

P1-4: Ink-Jet Application – Advantages Dynamic Surface Tension

P1-5: Cleaning baths under control Bath Contamination

P1-6: Assuring parts cleanliness, increasing economic efficiency

P1-7: JOT_Process Parameter Surface Tension

P1-8: Diagnosing_the_condition_of_washing_and_rinsing

P1-9: Surface Tension Studies of Alkyl Esters and Epoxidized Alkyl Relevant to Oleochemically Based Fuel Additives

P1-10: JOT_International_Precise monitoring of surfactants in plating bath

P1-11: Synthesis and Performance of Surfactants Based on Epoxidized Methyl Oleate and Glycerol

P2-1: 2002_10_SEPAWA_E-Efficiently Comparing the Foaming Properties of Surface Active Aqueous Solutions

P2-2: COSSMA_Foam isn’t just foam

P2-3: CESIO Paper CognisAPG using a SITA foam tester R-2000

P3-1: IST_Assuring parts cleanliness, increasing economic efficiency

P3-2: Automatic Dosage of Cleaning agent and Efficient Cleanliness Control

P4-1: Inspection of cleanliness with SITA CleanoSpector

P4-2: Automatic Dosage of Cleaning agent and Efficent Cleanliness Control

P4-3: SITA – Cleanliness Inspection of Parts

P4-4: Theory of Fluorescence_E

P4-5: Coating quality efficiently assured

P4-6: Automated 3D CleanoSpector- SITA FluoScan 3D

P4-7: FIT-Checklist for Panning a Cleaning Process

P4-8: IST_Cleanliness Inspection directly at the process

P4-9: IPCM_High Process Reliability of Industrial Cleaning Processes by Measuring the Surfactant Concentration

P4-10: JOT_International_Precise monitoring of surfactants in a bath

P4-11: GM_housings_adhesion_testing

P4-12: IST_Automated detection of filmic residues

P4-13: IST_Process-oriented approach to assuring cleanliness of parts

P5-1: 2009_10_JOT_Cleaning baths under control

P6-1: IST_Simple wetting control in a matter of seconds

P6-2: JOT_Special_Mobile wetting test for production-related process control

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