Coatings and Adhesives

In coating and adhesion/bonding operations, it is vital that the adhesive and paint are applied in the correct locations and spread over properly treated surfaces to achieve needed coverage and bond. Poor formulations and incorrectly applied adhesive/paint can weaken the bond and undermine the coating effect.  Hardening of the adhesive( the so called shark skin of the coating) can be done through cooling, drying or curing reactions, prior to bonding and surface formation; overspreading or over-absorption into permeable materials can weaken the subsequent joint and adhesion. The techniques for characterizing the properties of surfaces and formulations that influence the interactions between the substrate and adhesive/coating during the bonding and surface finishing processes are critical. These methods include  substrate wettability and surface energy, surface absorbency, surface receptivity and modification, application and spreading monitoring.  Good wettability of a surface is a prerequisite for ensuring good adhesive bonding and surface finishing. In the meantime, some important issues need to be focused on developing a better formulation for a liquid adhesives and coating include: enhancing dispersion – maximizing pigment coverage; increasing solubility – increasing component loading; and reducing viscosity –  reducing mixing requirements, enhancing flow-ability and wetting.

The team of FDS/SITA can help you with our years of application experiences not only in surface treatment and verification, but also the dynamic processes of applying your adhesives and coatings to any surface.

Our devices which can help you are: Contact angle measuring devices A60, A100, A200, A300, Portable Contact Angle Meter, SITA SurfaSpector, Robotic Contact Angle Meter RSD100,  TD3, Pre-owned OCAs, DCATs, ODG20, Rheometers RN4.2, LK2.2, SITA Tensiometers for coating and inks, SITA Dynotester, T15+, T100, CleanoSpector, ConSpector, On-line Cleanliness Control and Testing Systems, MFG100,500, 1000, etc.  

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