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Cleaning Processes Optimization and Validation

Cleaning Processes Optimization and Validation

There is a tremendous amount of types of industrial parts and surfaces required for cleaning before they become a finished product for users.  All the relevant processes or procedures to respond to the required cleanliness, whether they are chemical or physical methods will be interested in the effectiveness of their cleaning processes and cleaning formulations. The industry which is involved in cleaning process is widespread.

  • Cleaning equipment systems and cleaning reagents for
    1. wet cleaning processes
    2. thermal processes
    3. blasting processes
    4. special processes
    5. mechanical processes
  • Systems for drying processes will need to check on water stains or chemical leftover
  • Processes and systems for corrosion protection and preservation
  • Reagents for corrosion protection and preservation
  • Processes and systems for quality assurance
  • Clean room systems
  • Surface treatment systems
  • Processes and techniques in recycling and disposal
  • Components for cleaning systems
  • On-line automation cleaning systems
  • Cleaning products

SITA CleanoSpector, SITA ConSpector, SITA Cleanline ST, SITA Cleanline CL for direct cleanliness validation and the Dataphysics OCA devices for contact angle measuring are all available for both batch and on-line cleanliness checking to help you maintain and optimize your cleaning requirements.

Household Products and Detergents

Household Products and Detergents

Household cleaning products include the following product subcategories: sanitation & janitorial cleaners/cleaning products, industrial/technical cleaners, kitchen & catering cleaning agents, food & dairy processing cleaners, laundry agents, and others. It includes the following end-use applications: industrial, food & lodging, building service contractors, food & drinks, processing units, retail outlets, healthcare facilities, and many others.  Household cleaning products can also be categorized based on their cleaning compounds: bleach, clean chemical, detergent, dishwashing product, disinfectant, general purpose cleaner, laundry detergent, surface active agent, surfactant, etc.  The customers will want cleaning products that are: easy to use and effective, with desirable sensory qualities, stable and easy to store, good value for their money and most importantly, healthy and safe to use.

The purpose of your R&D in household cleaning and detergent products is to create benefits for your end-users because consumers do not just buy products, they buy benefits.

Our devices which can help you improve the product benefits are: OCAs, DCATs, Dynotester, T15+, T100, SVT20, CleanoSpector, ConSpector, On-line Cleanliness Control and Testing Systems, and etc.