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Drop Volume Tensiometer

Application Scopes:

Measuring of the dynamic surface tension and interfacial tension of liquids as a function of the dosing rate, the surface age, the temperature or the concentration. Characterization of the dynamics of surfactant systems by variation of the drop creation rate or by determination of the drop break-time at a given drop volume. Determination of the strength and residue of surfactants. Determination of the diffusion coefficient and the adsorption kinetic of emulsifying agents.

Some typical applications:

  • Development of surfactants and detergents.
  • Development of emulsion stabilizers.
  • Inspection of drinking, waste and surface water.
  • Tertiary oil mining, mineral oils and lubricants.
  • Sorption behavior of plant protective formulations.



  • Drop volume (drop weight)


  • Measuring range:0.1…100 mN/m +/-0.5% of terminal value
  • Surface age range: 1 s—1000 s
  • Resolution: piston stroke: 0.1mm


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