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Fully Automated Contact Angle/Drop Shape Analysis Instrument


  • Sessile Drop and Captive Bubble Methods for contact angle measurement on plane, convex or concave surface.
  • Tilting Method for advancing and receding contact angle measurements.
  • Programmable advancing/receding contact angle measuring via Needle-in-Drop Method.
  • Pendant Drop Method for surface and interfacial tension measurements, determination of the polar and disperse components of the surface tension.
  • Lamella Method for surface tension and contact angle measurements of highly viscous materials.
  • Liquid Bridge Method - innovative measurement setup and analysis of the three phase systems.
  • Surface energy (and its components) calculation based on contact angle measurements.
  • Results - 9 methods for calculation, representation of wetting envelopes and work of adhesion.



  • High throughput fully automated time saving industrial device for contact angle and drop shape analysis.
  • Automated files for fully software controlled multiple contact angle, drop shape measurements and data analysis.
  • Intuitive setup of the automation files for automated multiple measurements.
  • Precise and easy handling of liquid dispensing- up to 6 direct dosing systems.
  • Video measuring system with USB camera capturing at various rates (upUSB-HSC, etc.)
  • High-precision methods for evaluating drop contours in combination with statistical error analysis.
  • Access to database of liquids and solids- properties of more than 200 materials for quick reference of density, surface, interfacial tension and other related data, also for 9 methods of surface energy analysis including related citations.


  • Up to six software controlled electronic syringe units ES.
  • Maximum sample dimensions (L x W x H): • 220 x ∞ x 70 mm.
  • Measuring range for contact angles: 0…180°; ± 0.1° measuring precision of the video system.
  • Measuring range for surface and interfacial tension: 0.01…2000  mN/m resolution: ± 0.01 mN/m.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 680 x 310 x 370 mm.
  • Weight: 22 kg.
  • Power supply: • 100…240VAC; 50…60Hz; 100 W.


  • Variety of dosing systems for dispensing and analyzing tiny droplets (pico-, nano- and micro-liter droplets).
  • Various temperature and environment (humidity, pressure and vaccum) control systems (up to 1,800°C, 100%, 750 bars, etc.)
  • Variety of sample holders for foils, papers, contact lenses, fibers, film, etc.
  • Wide range optical glass cuvettes for captive bubble, interfacial tension, interfacial rheology measurements.
  • Electro-wetting platform EWP100 for analysis of sessile and pendant drops behavior in controlled electrical field.
  • All motorized functions to be controlled by intuitive touch panel TP 50.
  • Electronic tilting base units TBU90E, TBU95E, and OTBU. 
  • Electronic turn table with vacuum fixation ETT/VAC for silicon wafer of various diameters.
  • Heated dosing devices NHDs for molten polymer or metal(up to 700 °C).
  • Interfacial rheology through the ODG25/ODG50/ESr-O- Oscillation / relaxation analysis option for the real and imaginary part of the interfacial dilatational modulus.
  • Top view video system TV-VS
  • And more...


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