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Humidity Chamber

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Humidity Chamber

 Humidity Generator and Controller



Humidity control for any thermal chambers used for  for TGA, TMA, DSC, OCA15EC, OCA15Plus, OCA15Pro, OCA20, OCA25, OCA30, OCA35, OCA40, OCA50, DCAT11, DCAT21 and all the LHT versions.


Humidity generation and control.


  •  For the automated regulation of the humidity of ambient clean air in temperature controlled measuring chambers (OCA, DCAT, TGA, TMA, DSC etc.)
  •  Automated drying and regeneration of desiccant by a built-in heating system in two alternative desiccant reservoirs (total stored desiccant amount ca. 1,0 kg).  
  • Stand alone generation of dry air without the need of external pressurized gas supply.
  • Connection tube, heated to avoid condensation.  
  • Control via touch-screen or SCA 20 software.


 Most Updated Specs and Pricing


For any modular configurations that you may require, contact us to discuss your exact applications and objectives, and we will work with you to configure a unit for your EXACT parameters. 

Available Custom Modular Options, which include, but are not limited to: