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Maximum Bubble Pressure Tensiometer

Application Scopes: 

  • This device optimizes measurement of the dynamic surface tension as a function of the surface age, the bubble frequency, the temperature, the concentration, or by a given volume stream, as a function of time. Additionally, it features determination of the actual surface age related to a constant area, the transition from the bubble to the jet range, the calculation of diffusion coefficients and the adsorption kinetics of very fast-acting surfactants. Done with the possibility of a very short surface age, down to 0.1 msec (much shorter than 5 msec).
  • Development and production of surfactants.
  • Selection of surfactants and optimization of the dosing for fast wettability processes.
  • Development of liquid medicines
  • Course of coloring and printing processes.
  • Optimization of color and lacquer additives.

Measuring Method:

  • Maximum Bubble Pressure according to Fainerman’s Method.

Features and Specs:

  • Measuring range: 10–100 mN/m; reproducibility: 0.1 mN/m
  • Dynamic time range (surface age): 0.1ms—50s
  • Temperature range: 0–90 C

Feature Advantage Description:

  • Small sample volume.
  • Sample glasses easy to change and clean.
  • Fast capillary changing and cleaning.
  • Windows based software.
  • Optional online measuring cell for the process control purpose.
  • Consideration of viscosity effects and extrapolation to the static surface tension.

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