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SITA ConSpector

SITA ConSpector

New Portable and In-Line tool for contamination checking for any Cleaning Solution

Application Scope:

The SITA ConSpector controls the contamination level in cleaning and rinsing baths. An increasing contamination level causes a decreasing cleaning power. A high parts cleanliness despite of an optimal cleaning agent concentration cannot be guaranteed anymore if the bath is contaminated e.g. due to oils or greases.

The light guide rod at the sensor head of the measuring device is immerged in to the sample to be measured. The measurement starts at the touch of one button. The contamination level is displayed within a few seconds. Based on this measuring result, an optimal point of time for bath care actions or preparation of a fresh cleaning solution can be determined.

Failures of treatment measures can be quickly indentified due to continuous bath replenishment. For an easy operation, the measuring value is compared to an individually determined limit value and when exceeding an alarm signal is sent out by the device.

Controlling the bath contamination ensures a high cleaning quality and thus high parts cleanliness for processes in the field of surface coating and surface treatment. Cleaning bath contamination is reproducibly detected due to the fluorescence measurement. Controlling the contamination level allows reliable and efficient process management.


Evaluation of bath conditions depending on parts flow or bath operation time. Determination of bath contamination through fluorescence measurement.


Easy control of contamination level in cleaning and rinsing baths.  Start of measurement at the touch of one button and display of measuring result within a few seconds.


Mobile and hand-held measuring device to be used directly at the plant or in the laboratory. Efficient bath management through an optimization of the bath operation time.


  • Determination of contamination level at the touch of one button.
  • Targeted initiation and control of bath replenishment actions.
  • Identify operation errors e.g. stop of bath treatment actions.
  • Automatic evaluation of bath conditions due to pre-determined limit values.
  • Use of measuring device independent of used bath chemicals through to a calibration.
  • Automatic saving of measuring data including date, time and temperature.

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In-Line Technology

In-Line Technology

In-line Process Measuring Technology of Your Choice

Robust process measuring and controlling technology for monitoring and controlling industrial cleaning and coating processes as well as processes of the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries.


DataPhysics PCA100 Robotic

Continuous contact angle and cleanliness measurement:

  • Inline monitoring of contact angle and wetting.
  • Efficiency and environment protection to avoid human errors.
  • Reliable process solution for high throughput in-line process operations.
SITA Clean Line ST

Continuous surface tension measurement of process liquids:

  • Inline monitoring of surfactant concentration.
  • Efficiency and environment protection through an optimal dosing of cleaning agents.
  • Process solution for high process reliability.


SITA Clean Line CI

Inline cleanliness control of surfaces:

  • Highest product quality through controlled cleaning.
  • Contact-free measurement.
  • System solution for high process security.
  • Layer thickness measurement
SITA Clean Line BC

Monitoring of bath contamination Inline:

  • Automatic control of bath care measures.
  • Efficient bath management through optimization of bath operation time.
  • Measuring the oil concentration

sita-in-line CD

SITA Clean Line CD

Continuous conductivity measurement in process liquids:

  • Concentration monitoring of cleaning agent components.
  • Control of rinsing baths.
SITA Clean Line CC 

Central control unit for process management:

  • Processing and visualizing measuring results.
  • Controlling the dosage of process chemicals.
  • Optimized process management regarding efficiency, process security and economy.
 Application Examples:

The components of process measuring and controlling technology provide solutions for an easy process monitoring through an efficient control of the dosage of chemicals such as cleaning agents, wetting agents or surfactants.  By implementing our in-line measuring solutions, a new level of process management can be reached regarding efficiency, process security and ecology.  FDS application engineers will help develop an optimal and customized clean line system solution for you based on an analysis of your process and plant.  Please contact us for a free consultation.

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New portable and in-line tool for surface cleanliness checking for metal or any solid surfaces


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New Standard for Surface Cleanliness Detection, Verification or Classification



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