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Oscillating Drop Generator for Interfacial Rheology



Emulsion systems, Foam Research, Thin Films, Mono- and Double-layer systems, etc.


Oscillatory Pendant Drop with Linear and Non-linear FT Analysis to work with OCA20, OCA25, OCA30, OCA35, OCA40, OCA50, etc.


  • Software controlled, piezoelectric device for the generation of liquid oscillating and relaxing drops.
  • Optical measurement of drop deformation response for the investigation of viscoelastic properties (e.g. real and imaginary part of the interfacial dilatational modulus, and for linear and nonlinear interfacial rheology investigation) of emulsion systems, liquid/gas or liquid/liquid interfaces in several different excitation modes, independently;
  • Harmonic volume (area) mode
  • Relaxational mode
  • Programmable wave forms: sinusoidal wave form for drop oscillations and step function for drop relaxations control for drop volume and drop area for volume jump, temperature jump, surface area jump, etc. study
  • Dynamic surface/interfacial tension measuring range: 0.01…2000 mN/m
  • Frequency range of drop oscillation: 0…50 Hz (viscosity dependant)
  • Frequency of pressure sensor: > 10 kHz
  • Data analysis rate of the pressure sensor: ← 2 kHz


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Advanced Spinning Drop Video Tensiometer



Regular or Ultra-low Surface/Interfacial Tension Measurements and Interfacial Rheology Research.  A new concept of doing Spinning Drop Measurements; Video-based Tensiometer with rotational speed up to 20,000 RPM capable of reporting interfacial visco-elasticity.  Most widely used in oil, petroleum, emulsion, detergent, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. But not limited to.


Spinning Drop Method.


The SVT 20 is used for the software controlled and video supported measurement of:

  • Static and time dependent interfacial tension between two not completely miscible liquids.
  • Two and three-dimensional extensional relaxation of viscoelastic liquids and liquids droplets encapsulated or enclosed in membranes.
  • Yield point of e.g. liquid crystalline materials.
  • Thermal expansion coefficients of liquids.
  • All measurements are performed according to the Spinning Drop and Oscillating Drop Method.

The 64-bit Windows 7 & 8 compatible software developed for the SVT 20 offers:

  • Time dependent control of rotational speed as well as the adjustment of the capillary position in height and tilt.
  • Recording and evaluation of video sequences for the measurement of fast relaxational vibrations of drops.
  • Calculation of interfacial tensions from the shape of rotating drops (spinning drops) according to the Young-Laplace Equation as well as according to the Vonnegut approximation for sufficiently extended droplets.
  • Calculation of relaxational modules, yield points and other rheological parameters.
  • An extended liquid data base with more than 140 parameter entries.

 SVT 20/TPC180

SVT20 Spinning Drop Video Tensiometer


 Most Updated Specs and Pricing